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Choose to spend your holidays in Thassos, a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea with ancient history and culture and you will never regret it. It is an ideal choice for holidays throughout the year, and its beauty has made it the perfect winter and summer destination for tourists from around the world. The natural beauty fills you euphoria at the moment, lush forests of pine and fir trees, vast expanses of olive groves. The basic product of the island is honey.

Where your gaze is lost in the greenery, the smell of sea breeze invites you to swim at lovely beaches scattered throughout the island.

There are many sites of Thassos that you can discover, historic monuments like the Theater, Acropolis, the ancient Necropolis and ancient mines.

The religious tourism of the island is in high ratio because of the Monastery of Archangel Michael and Gabriel and the church of Virgin Mary in Rachoni village, where on the 15th of August a great festival take place. Choose a luxury holidays in Thassos and enjoy your vacation in a 3 star hotel in Thassos with many activities that will make you turn back every year to Kallisti Hotel. A hotel of sensations and comforts!

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